1. School reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic: There is ongoing debate over when and how schools should reopen, the safety measures that should be implemented, and the potential impact on students’ education and well-being.

2. Distance learning and online education: With the shift to remote learning, discussions revolve around the effectiveness of online education, the digital divide, access to technology, and the long-term implications for educational equity.

3. Standardized testing: The debate over the role and value of standardized testing in evaluating student performance, school accountability, and teacher effectiveness continues, with calls for alternative assessment methods.

4. School funding and equity: Disparities in funding and resource allocation between schools and districts, particularly in underserved communities, remain a central concern regarding educational equity and access to quality education.

5. Curriculum content and representation: Discussions over curriculum content, including the inclusion of diverse perspectives, historical accuracy, and culturally responsive teaching, aim to address the educational experiences and needs of all students.

6. Charter schools and school choice: Debates focus on the impact of charter schools on traditional public education, school funding, accountability, and the role of choice in improving students’ educational outcomes.

7. Teacher recruitment and retention: With a growing teacher shortage, debates center around attracting and retaining qualified teachers, improving teacher preparation programs, and addressing issues like low salaries, workload, and support systems.

8. Early childhood education and access: The discussion around expanding access to quality early childhood education, the benefits of early education on long-term outcomes, and funding initiatives for pre-K programs are ongoing.

9. Special education and inclusive practices: The debates highlight the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education classrooms, the adequacy of support and resources, and ensuring equitable access to education for all students.

10. Education technology and data privacy: Discussions focus on the integration of technology in classrooms, privacy concerns around student data collection, and ensuring responsible and equitable use of educational technology tools.

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