The popularity of courses on MOOC platforms can vary, and it may be challenging to provide an accurate list of the top 10 most popular courses for a given year. However, based on general trends and popularity over the years, the following courses have consistently been popular on MOOC platforms:

1. Programming: Courses on programming languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript are highly sought after due to their wide applicability.

2. Data Science: With the increasing demand for data analysts and scientists, courses related to data science, machine learning, and data analysis have gained significant popularity.

3. Business and Entrepreneurship: Courses in business skills, entrepreneurship, marketing, or finance attract a large number of learners looking to improve their business acumen or start their ventures.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Given the growing interest in AI and ML, courses covering these topics have become increasingly popular, covering areas like neural networks, deep learning, or natural language processing.

5. Personal Development: Courses focused on personal development, productivity, time management, or communication skills are often in demand as learners seek to improve themselves in various aspects of life.

6. Psychology and Mental Health: Courses that delve into understanding human behavior, mental well-being, or mindfulness have gained popularity, especially considering the importance of mental health awareness.

7. Language Learning: Courses teaching different languages, such as Spanish, French, Chinese, or English, are highly sought after as learners aim to expand their language skills.

8. Web Development: Courses on web development, covering topics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, are popular due to the increasing demand for web developers.

9. Design and Creativity: Courses related to graphic design, UX/UI design, or creative thinking are sought after by individuals looking to enhance their creative skills or pursue a career in design.

10. Health and Fitness: Courses focusing on health, nutrition, fitness, or yoga attract individuals aiming to lead a healthy lifestyle or work in the fitness industry.

Please note that these are general categories, and specific courses within each category may vary in popularity from one MOOC platform to another or from year to year.

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